Joint Staff Training

11th, 12th and 14th May 2021

The training was supposed to take place face-to-face in Portugal, but due to the pandemic situation it was carried out remotely. During the three days training presentations and discussions were held on how to enhance communities’ social capital in order to prevent child abuse and maltreatment.

The Joint Staff Training was attended by 22 trainers and professionals from The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, and Finland. External experts tackled issues on:

  • the limitations of the contemporary approaches to child protection;
  • the role of public health approaches to prevent maltreatment and provide earlier interventions to assist vulnerable and struggling families and communities;
  • new perspectives for how maltreatment can be prevented at societal and community levels (focus on the role of social capital);
  • promising practices on systematic changes: how your jurisdiction is changing the paradigm towards early intervention and prevention approaches;
  • specific case studies focused on community interventions to prevent child maltreatment and approaches to address it.

During the training a demonstration was held on how to play “Happy on a Mission” – game for 6-9 years old children to help them gain skills to act and communicate properly in situations when child violence occurs.
Participants were then asked to provide feedback, in order to adapt the developments based on the needs expressed.